Kadaria Ahmed Slams Those Who Criticize Her For Not Wearing Hijab

Popular journalist and host of #MeetTheCandidates, Kadaria Ahmed has hit back at critics who slammed her for not wearing hijab like a true Muslim lady should. Kadaria Ahmed had tweeted that she would not wear hijab, a mandatory headgear for Muslim ladies who have reached the age of puberty when critics slammed her.

Disregarding the critics, Kadaria Ahmed tweeted a picture showing off her grey hair with no hijab:
Quote“today, I took a big risk. Started noticing my hair is greying. I am that age so it wasn’t much of a surprise. However, I soon realized I don’t like the ‘mixed’ look. Neither, grey nor black but I also hated using black dye. So I resolved to experiment by hurrying things along

She further slammed the critics for passing judgment on fellow Muslims even when they themselves hide under the hijab to perpetrated all sort of ills.

Quote‘you get high on codeine & weed, your hijab is used as cover to do all sorts. You continuously pass judgment on your fellow Muslims as if you are Allah. You backbite, cheat &steal public money but want to police my morality. My friend go perfect your religion first. Munafukai!’,

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